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about us....


We, that are Andreas Kretschmer-Kraiczek and Hermann Kraiczek, have been breeding cats with heart and mind for many years. 


After many years in Cologne, we moved to Wiehl in the Oberbergische Land in the middle of 2018.

Here we now live in a large house together with our four-pawed family members. For our cats in the spring still an outdoor

enclosure was created ,because our property with a small forest is too extensive to fence it cat safe. 

Besides the love for our own cats, one of us can be seen as a cat judge worldwide at shows of recognized umbrella organizations and clubs.

Not enough, we also have the office of the Katzen-Freunde-Germania e.V. in our house, because also the chairmanship of the association is

in the hands of Andreas Kretschmer-Kraiczek since 2002.

Besides our cats we both love to travel and admire the world, of course our cats are then well taken care of.

Since recently gardening is also a part of our daily life, who would have expected it, even that is fun!

Why do we breed cats?

Because the breed preservation of the individual cat breeds is close to our hearts......


After breeding Persian cats for many years (since 1991), we dedicated ourselves to British Shorthair cats in 2002.

Our breeding goals are the preservation as well as the possible improvement of the breed standard of the BSH's.

The gentle nature of these cuddly bears should be in harmony with the breed characteristics for us. The preferred colors are the solid's 

like blue, lilac, fawn, white and now also bicolor.


Of course, the health is in the foreground, so all our cats used for breeding PKD are examined by genetic test and checked by ultrasound for HCM. 


From our cattery come such successful animals as Garibaldi's Capitano, Garibaldi's Hemingway, Garibaldi's Orlando, Garibaldi's Othello,

Garibaldi's LaFee and also Garibaldi's Rafaello.

The male we bred, Garibaldi's Federico Fellini, won the title of Best British Shorthair of the Year 2017 and 3rd Best Cat of the Year 2017 worldwide in TICA. Some breeders had success only after using our cats in their own catteries. 


Andreas is also a member of the following friendly clubs like AGI (Italy), Elitar Club (Russia) and ASFeC ( E ).

Since February 2011 he is also honorary member of the elitist club Association Feline de Monaco and since September 2015 also honorary

member of TICA CATS (Germany).

The honorary presidency of TICA Club Miluku House, China was given to him August 2017!

So you can imagine it, in our lives revolves quite a lot around the cats!

Friends are always welcome, because socializing is just part of life for us..........................

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