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Here we inform about news in our cattery

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12.01.2022 Mating processed


08.12.2021 Frida & Rosie have been HCM-scanned! Flawless results.

11/27/2021 La Belle of last Hope has moved in. More info under kittens.

14.10.2021 First HCM sound for Yolo (Your Love) and Chica (Adriana). Both girls were tested with top results!

31.08.2021 Rosie is expecting babies in white and blue - all kittens already inquired - 

05.05.2021 Dolly's babies are born! More about this in the next days. All kittens are already reserved!

28.03.2021 We are expecting offspring! More about this under kittens!

01.03.2021 New pictures of Buddha inserted!

01.02.2021 Our new arrival Adriana of Last Hope introduces herself!

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