our alters

Here we present the alters of our cattery ..........

These cats are also among us, even if they were not or never used for breeding anymore.

Garibaldi's LaFee

LaFee the boss in Garibaldi's Cattery! The girl was born in our cattery. She was a very successful showcat and has born and raised great offspring in our breeding. But at some point, even the very best of mothers has reached the moment and reached retirement. As a alter, LaFee is the absolute calming influence in our home. She is unperturbed and has the whole catwalk under control. Lafee will spend the latter part of her life with us.

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Cogoleto's Aragon

Aragon is a kitten from the only Cogoleto's litter of Hermann's idea of ​​Devon Rex breeding. He has quietly sneaked into Hermann's heart and so it was clear that the goblin stays with us. Aragon is a typical Devon, a lot of nonsense in the head, absolutely close to humans - related and in addition completely relaxed in the Dealing with our BKH cats.

Every person who visits us goes as a fan of Aragon!

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