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our alters

Here we present the alters of our cattery ..........

These cats are also among us, even if they were not or never used for breeding anymore.

Adriana 2024.jpg
Adriana of last hope

Adriana was bought by us for breeding. Unfortunately, our wish to breed this lovely girl was not to be fulfilled. That's why we decided to have Chica, as we call her, spayed.
We would have liked to keep her as a neutered female, but after the catration she withdrew more and more from the 
other cats, so we think a home with fewer cats would be more suitable for Chica.

Chica was born on 28.09.2020. She has the color lilac-white bicolour. Like all our cats, Chica is of course 
chipped, tested negative for PKD by genetic test and is also HCM unobtrusive. She has also been freshly vaccinated!

She is a sweet, calm and unobtrusive girl. Like a typical British girl she comes and then demands her 
petting when she wants it, not when her staff expects it.

We are now looking for the perfect new home for her, preferably with a balcony but no unsecured outdoor access.
She likes to have the fresh air blowing around her nose on secure terrain.

Chica will not be given away for free but will be given to the right cat lover with a protection contract.

If you are interested in this girl, just get in touch with us.

Tatze Kopie.gif
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