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our alters

Here we present the alters of our cattery ..........

These cats are also among us, even if they were not or never used for breeding anymore.

Tatze Kopie.gif
Cogoleto's Aragon

Aragon is a kitten from the only Cogoleto's litter of Hermann's idea of ​​Devon Rex breeding. He has quietly sneaked into Hermann's heart and so it was clear that the goblin stays with us. Aragon is a typical Devon, a lot of nonsense in the head, absolutely close to humans - related and in addition completely relaxed in the Dealing with our BKH cats.

Every person who visits us goes as a fan of Aragon!

Ch. Living Sunshine's Yourt Love

In love! This little lilac dream now enriches our cattery. YoLo is a great big cat with a stocky body , thick legs and a classy coat in a light lilac. She has a nice round head, small well placed ears big round eyes in great color, a nice nose line and a well rounded chin. She also wins with her great temperament!
Of course YoLo has already been tested HCM negative and PKD negative by genetic test before breeding!  
Yolo has her first shows behind her and can already call herself Champion! Your Love has her first babies. She is a great mother with very pretty kittens.

Tatze Kopie.gif


Tatze Kopie.gif


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