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Garibaldi's W - litter (blood group B)    
on 24.04.2024 two boys and one girl were born!

Garibaldi's Walzing Matilda, blue
Garibaldi's Wotan, blue
Garibaldi's Wizzard, black


Garibaldi's X - litter (blood group B)    
on 26.04.2024 two males and two females were born!

Garibaldi's X-Ray, male, blue white
Garibaldi's Xanadu, girl, blue white
Garibaldi's X-Otica, girl, blue
Garibaldi's X-Calibur, male, blue

Milly 11.05.2024 NEU.jpg
Garibaldi's X-Ray, boy, blue white (a 03)
Garibaldi's X-calibur, boy, blue (a)
Garibaldi's X-otica, girl, blue (a)
Garibaldi's Xanadu, girl, blue white (a 09)

Garibaldi's Y - litter (blood group B)    
On 02.05.2024 three males and two females were born!

Garibaldi's Yazoo, male, blue
Garibaldi's Yadira, girl, blue 
Garibaldi's You are my Sunshine, girl, blue
Garibaldi's Yehudi, male, blue
Garibaldi's Yankee, blue

Bonny Wurf.jpg

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